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Reliability is one of the most crucial qualities in contractors. And reliability is what you get when working with AHL.


AHL Group Inc. is a full service construction company located in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Serving the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area for 25 years, AHL offers efficient and goal- oriented construction service, including construction management, general contracting and special contracting. Our focus is on reliability, a key component for any construction project, no matter how large or small. We will not stop in the pursuit to provide our clients with top-quality, cost-effective, and reliable construction services.


AHL prides itself in meeting and exceeding its clients’ needs throughout every aspect of the construction process. This includes site work, concrete, steel erection, masonry, metals, wood and plastics, moisture protection, doors, windows and glass, finishes, specialty equipment, furnishings, special construction, conveying systems, and mechanical and electrical installations.


AHL provides complete turnkey service, so each client is guaranteed that the final project will be exactly as it appears on the blue print – down to the last nail. This is the reliability factor that distinguishes AHL from its competitors.


Armed with experienced staff from all sectors of the construction industry, AHL has successfully completed a diverse range of project from commercial and pre-engineered building to schools, churches, hospitals, and restaurants.


Not only will the AHL team meet the unique demands of any building contract, but we will find the best way to cut cost without cutting corners. We are, above all, a service organization, and we strive to turn our clients’ dreams into reality through hard work and dedication to our craft.


We would only like to invite you to experience AHL’s services for your next building project. Please review our project references and primary staff qualifications.

General Contracting Services
Construction Management
Commercial and Residential
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